Alexandria's Beauty Salon

  • Alexandria’s Beauty Salon was recommended to me by my now sister-in-law and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results!  Because I have naturally curly hair and so many pictures/inspiration relate to giving women curls who don’t already have them, I really didn’t know what I wanted.  During my trial for both hair and makeup the ladies were so patient and listened to my ideas, but were able to use their skills to really make the hair and makeup all come together.  They even styled my hair naturally curly first and then did it again after straightening so that I could decide exactly what I wanted; it was so refreshing that they really took the time to work with me and weren’t just rushing me to make a decision.

    We went to the salon the day-of and they had some light breakfast and mimosas for my bridal party.  All of my girls (and the mothers) got their hair done and they LOVED it!  (One of my girls liked it so much she did the same style for another wedding after.)  The makeup was also flawless and the timing for everything went very smoothly.  I highly recommend Alexandria’s for your special day!